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The past two weeks have focused on military actions and there are many questions that linger from these actions. One question that seems to be a focus is "Why did Bashar al-Assad bomb his own people with Sarin gas?" 

There are never easy and quick answers however, looking at astrological charts can shed some light on the motivations and the purpose. 

His natal configuration suggests that Bashar al-Assad will have a tendency to act with diffuseness and confusion and this suggests using agents having the characteristic of a "gas" (Mars & Neptune in conjunction-emphasis angle).  He also has the traits to want power and is prepared to be both erratic and manipulative  to achieve his goals (Sun, Pluto, and Uranus in conjunction-emphasis angle). 

At the time of the Sarin attack, the two configurations described in the previous paragraph were being triggered with a confrontational angle being placed on the diffuseness/confused part of Bashar al-Assad's traits and the confrontational nature of the angle  would result in a push to attack-hence the use of chemical weapons.  Also noted that the power/manipulative traits are also being triggered however, it is with an easy angle and therefore, the nature would be less likely to have an outward aggression and would more likely reflect in the ability to engage in a subtle truce or being able to deflect focus on the act .

It is notable that Bashar al-Assad felt that he had limited options for actions (Transiting Saturn in opposition-confrontational angle to Bashar al-Assad's Jupiter).  Expect that this will be revisited in the fall/winter of 2017/2018 (Transiting Saturn in confrontational angle to Bashar al-Assad's Jupiter).  

One last note, Bashar al-Assad feels powerful and above reproach and therefore, able to act without repercussions from the global community.  (Transiting Pluto in trine-easy angle with Bashar al-Assad's Sun,  Uranus, Pluto). 

As to why he did it .... he was being confronted.

As to why he used gas .... the triggers in the chart were activating an area in his chart associated with "chemicals".