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In a tough race?  Voters dissatisfied ? Money running out ? Time to set ambitions higher ?

Questions like this can be examined more closely and answered using probabilities based on astrological angles.  Further information on the type of information provided is found throughout my book "USA 2016 Presidential Candidates - Profiles, Paths, & Predictions". 

A typical consultation scenario starts with the "Risk/Yield charts" for the period in question and maybe the answer is easily observed from that data.  Basically, it drills down to -- is the momentum with you or against you when the trends are analyzed in the Risk/Yield chart. This chart does not cover all possibilities however, is a good starting point.  Refer to information on Risk/Yield Charts

If the answer is not clear from the Risk/Yield chart, then the next step is to move to a consultation.  As with all types of interactions with consultants, the clarity of the answer provided depends on how clear the question is.  It also depends on how isolated the question is to the period being asked about - for example, asking whether you will be elected president in 2020 depends on a series of steps that lead up to that event .... and each one of these steps would have to result in affirmation towards the end goal.  In other words, the path to the presidency is not just Election Day, it is the announcement, the money being raised, the primaries, debates, party nomination and, even more debates and then .. the election.  At any step along the way, the potential could be destroyed and the path changed.  In addition, even though Election Day might appear positive, it could be that the result would not be realized as the position of President, rather as Vice President or part of the cabinet.  Why the long explanation - each event/step could be a separate analysis and with that, a typical presidential election path could require 20+ analysis points and that would not include the competitor's analysis.  The periods being analyzed could be adjusted to be somewhat less however, the accuracy of the probabilities would be impacted.  As a note, even though it was not presented in my book - each debate was analyzed along with each primary/caucus for each candidate and, in certain cases, it was obvious months earlier that some candidates would be suspending their races at specific points along the way.  

Included in the initial analysis is an examination of the candidate's personality points in relation to the USA or state chart (depending on office) to identify strengths and weaknesses (refer to my book for examples).  This would also include an analysis of the current trends in the political situation - for example, in the 2016 Presidential election, a repressed fear was a dominant trend and this was exploited by one of the candidates.  This fear eventually surfaced (December of 2015) and was highlighted as a concern however, by that time people in the base were already settling on their candidate.  

Approximate Charges :
  1. The Risk/Yield charts are given for a calendar year and are each $24 - recommendation is for 2 consecutive years.  Total $48
  2. Initial Question Consultation Session billed at 20 minutes/$100 for analysis of Risk/Yield chart and quick examination of the Election Period - recommendation is for 40 minutes. Total $200.
  3. Consultation Session  at $400/hour for analysis of strengths/weaknesses and examination of the appropriate USA or state chart - recommended 2 hours. Total $800. Not required if #4 not pursued.
  4. Consultation Session at $400/hour for debates/primaries/election analysis. Requires #3 done previously. Recomendation depends on client's needs and can be determined on a monthy basis.

Limited Slots available each election cycle .... don't delay!

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