Lioness Publications LLC

Predictive Probabilities Astrology Research 


           Natal Interpretation                                                                  25 USD
           1 year Transits interpretation (includes Jupiter,
                    Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto)                                 25 USD
           6 month Transits interpretation (includes Sun, Mercury
                    Venus, Mars)                                                                             25 USD
           Composite Interpretation                                                                 25 USD
           Secondary Progression Interpretation
                                       25 USD
Return                                                                                      25 USD
           Risk/Yield                                                                                            24 USD
20 minute session via audio tape, phone, or in-person covering
1 question (area of life like marriage, fertility, etc) 
           Introductory special                                                                        100 USD

Initial 1 hour interpretation session to determine base data
for seizure (2 data points)                                                                         400 USD

Yearly Update probability chart for seizures                                         400 USD

Session to explain yearly seizure probability chart                               100 USD

Life path analysis is offered for existing clients.
Please call for price (typically starts at 400 USD).

The initial sessions to generate a seizure probability chart for a new client typically runs 900 USD. Subsequent years would be between 400 - 500 USD. 
Required Information for Orders
All reports and consult sessions will require a minimum of the date of birth and location.  More information is available and therefore, more accurate if you provide your time of birth which can be found on many birth certificates.  You may have to contact the town hall in the city where you were born to have a new birth certificate sent to you.   
Major credit cards accepted.