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Seizure Probability Charts

Our current research into seizures and associated astrological cycles started in 2011.  It was at that time that our greyhound pet had her 1st Grand Mal seizure. Over the next 2 1/2 years, her seizures went from being rare occurrences to having clusters every few days. With each step up in seizure activity, there would be a corresponding increase in either the amount of a specific medication or a new medication would be added to the mix.  At the time of stabilization, she was on three seizure medications along with rectal Valium for cluster control.

This greyhound - who was having clusters every few days - literally stabilized overnight.  This was accomplished by adding an additional seizure medication however, it was the seizure probability charts that graphically depicted that she was in a damaging cycle and that increasing her medications was the most promising path to follow. 

The greyhound was seizure free for about 6 months when a bout with IBD caused by the last medicine added necessitated a change in medications along with decreases in others. It was during the time of medicine changes and diet changes that there were a few break-through seizures.  Six months later, there was another episode of seizures attributed to changes in heartworm medication due to the IBD.  These seizures occurred at times that were noted in her seizure probability charts as "possible periods" - therefore, there was anticipation that this could happen.

Fast forward to 2017 and, this greyhound has been seizure free for 2+ years.  That may be changing as the seizure probability charts indicate more activity starting up.  Our first encounter has been relatively recent in that we have had to decrease one of her seizure medications when blood work revealed low platelets.   Also, over the past 2 years, the dose on two of her medications has been lowered with the 3rd just lowered recently due to the platelet issue.

So, how does astrology work into this ...... when my dog had her first seizure, I knew that I would be able to find a pattern in the astrological configurations base on the data.  However, I didn't find it that time or the 30 or so other times that the seizures occurred. It took years before the "perfect pattern" occurred and, by using that I was able to have a "flash of insight", it took 2 years to get to this point.  Using the information that I had analyzed, I determined the periods over the next few months of higher probabilities of seizures - they turned out to be correct.  However, that was only a piece, I had to relate that to other patients and determine whether there was a true pattern or only one that I wanted to see.

Correlating the seizure probabilities of other canines only added to the premise that the astrological cycles could be used effectively as the data eventually identified that the probabilities did correspond with periods of seizures and in some cases, an escalation into a "status" episode.

Surprisingly, and as an aside, using the astrological cycles I was able to identify periods of medicine additions and/or adjustments and, this was not just for the seizure medications - it also picked up antibiotics for UTIs.  This particular insight has not been graphed into charts although, it has been very helpful in correlating especially high risk situations.

I have a few cases but, that is not enough.  I need at least 100 cases to identify what percentage of cases have the "markers" that I have identified.  These cases would then need to be worked to identify how precise the charts are at identifying a "probable seizure event".