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Case Studies

The cases listed here are only a few of the ones that have been analyzed.

Case 1 - canine, female, spayed, approximately 7 years old in 2014, seizures started early in 2011, and medicine started late in 2011 once seizures approached monthly 

Case 2 - canine, male, neutered, approximately 3 years old in 2014, seizures started mid 2012, and medicine started mid 2012 

Case 3 - Male, Canine, 10 years old in 2014, seizures for past 9 years, and medicine started 1 month after seizures started


Case 4 - Male, Sudden Death, All other information confidential, Dates have been obscured to ensure confidentiality and Celebrity

Case 5 - Male, Athlete, Death from seizures occurred approx 1 month after seizures resulted in coma. This is a celebrity and as a result, the dates have been removed to ensure confidentiality