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All available astrological patterns in the fall of 2016 indicated a slight win in the Presidential election for Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump pulling close near the end .... so, what happened.   Long story ....

What happened is that the clandestine activities that I saw in the charts (2016) and wrote about in my book  (USA 2016 Presidential Candidates) were more pervasive and far-reaching that I calculated.  Later examination of astrological configurations indicated activities back in 2015.   And, rather than having a slight effect on the results, they changed them. The release of sensitive information at strategic times was too damaging.


I assumed that the "above the fray" type of patterns I was seeing in Hillary Clinton's charts (2017) were the result of her no nonsense approach to government.  By the same token, I assumed that the "neediness" breakdowns (2017) in Donald Trump's charts would have resulted from loosing the election and a damaging result to his ego.

However, now that he is President where does this all go .... what are his possible paths....

1. He can remain President until 2020

2. He can be impeached before the end of his term
3. He can have a health issue that will undermine his ability to remain in power
4. He can resign 

Stay tuned ...