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7/18/2017 TrumpCare

Partnering with Democrats

A healthcare bill that reaches across the aisle has a distinct possibility of passing (Transiting Chiron meandering over USA's 4th cusp of endings) mid to late October 2017.  The expansiveness of the bill (Transiting Jupiter is trine-easy angle with USA's Venus) can be appreciated by the Democrats while adjustments (Transiting Saturn in inconjunct - break & adjust with USA's Mercury) are made to the procedures and eligibility requirements which might appease GOP.  No guarantees of passage although, the retribution for a Congress that is not able to pass anything would be a significant reminder in 2018 elections.  Democrats might be able to save a significant portion of healthcare (Transiting Chiron in trine-easy angle with Mercury) for the public by agreeing to rein in costs by better fraud detection/verification and re-evaluating disability benefits for fraud.  There could be some deals with drug cost containment although, the avenues are not quite clear and lobbying could be extensive.   

Waiting on the GOP

If the GOP waits to pass the bill by themselves, it may not have the necessary votes until mid-January 2018 (Transiting Chiron crossing the USA's 4th cusp of endings) and even then, it may be lacking.  The bill would likely be a matter of contention and possibly pass through either severe restrictions of benefits or maybe by simply repealing the bill and not having anything to replace (Transiting Uranus in square - stress angle to USA's Mercury).  There is a possibility that an indirect way could be found to cause the death of ACA by not funding the marketplace (Transiting Saturn in opposition-confrontation with USA's Venus).   Suggestions that the Administration (may or may not be Trump) makes bad decisions (Transiting Jupiter in square - stress angle to USA's Chiron).