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3/24/2018 - Putin & Trump and February 2015

I noted in my book (published in 2016) that there was manipulation of the 2016 election.  The intent of that book was not to cover conspiracy theories and hence, the probabilities were never discussed fully. However, at this point in time, it seems prudent to go back and analyze some of my previous findings at pivotal points in time that had an important impact on the election amd lead to the theory of manipulation. This first discussion will reflect on the February 2015 time-frame as that appears to be the point where the initial plans may have been hatched.

The influence during this period is that the American people are being duped (transiting Neptune in square-stress angle to USA's Ascendant). This implies that the American people are looking through rose-colored glasses and not seeing the reality.  This coincides with others creating circumstances where the best interests of the American people are not being served.


Configuration suggest that an insidious betrayal and manipulation of the USA was in the making (transiting Pluto in square-stress angle to USA's Saturn). The intent was to destroy the foundations and laws (Saturn) of the USA and this was through secretive and corrupt methods (Pluto and 12th house involvement). This also implies that morals and principles of leaders and the collective would be tested (Saturn as ruler of 2nd house). This was occurring February of 2105. It is important to note that collectively, the USA was a player in allowing this to happen.

During this period, Donald Trump has an activation occurring in his chart. This activation is suggestive of his ambition to achieve the presidency (Donald Trump's Chiron) and this is being activated by energies which suggest manipulation, power plays, and sabotage (transiting Pluto in square-stress angle to Donald Trump's Chiron).  The intention is of destruction and since this falls on the structure and laws of the USA (USA's Saturn), implies a disregard for laws and a need for power for power's sake. 


Next, the question can be asked if Putin fits into this and, the answer is yes.  Putin's focus and aim (Putin's sun) is coincidentally on the same point that we have been discussing in the last two paragraphs. This indicates that at the same time that both Trump's desire for the presidency and the USA's structure and laws are being activated in a stressful fashion, Putin's goals are also being activated.  This indicates manipulation and secrecy are being used by Putin to achieve his goals (transiting Pluto in square-stress angle to Putin's Sun). 


Another influence at work which was not recognized at that time is the corralling of the media coverage and the bombastic remarks used to create even more and more coverage (transiting Uranus in opposition-adversarial angle to Donald Trump's Chiron, USA's Saturn, and Putin's Sun). This was an unsettling and likely planned sequence of events as derogatory remarks resulted in unrelenting media coverage. In this case, coverage was the scandalous type rather than substance of issues - in effect, creating a stage where Trump could complete - on this stage, he didn't have to know the issues.  This in turn, changed the normal procedures and actions during a campaign into a circus. This influence also activated a point in Putin's chart (Putin's Sun) - in that case, it would have presented challenges and changes in relationships and as a result, could have provided opportunities ripe for exploitation.     


Note 1 - To put this into perspective, the Pluto angles discussed here from the 14 degree Capricorn position have never occurred before in the USA's chart as the planet Pluto has a cycle of about 250 years.  Pluto is expected to reach the point it was at during the formation of the USA around 2022.


Note 2 - The USA, Trump, Putin have a specific degree in common and while this might seem to be significant, it is only significant if that point is activated and if the charts were involved in some type of participatory event at that point in time. In this case, that point in time being activated was in February of 2015 (approximately the 20th).  That point has never previously been activated by this particular planet before however, the planet Pluto did proceed to activate this point two more times in the 2015 year -- the second point was approximately June 15th 2015 and December 25th 2015.  It is notable that Trump declared his intentions for the presidency on June 16th 2015 and that December 25th is approximately when 2 other candidates withdrew from the race and when Trump reached a high point in the polls of 36.