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8/26/2017 - North Korea - Part 3

As noted in Part 2, looking at the USA angles for October - there is a probability that something will occur before the October 1st date - maybe by a week/10 days.  The USA global actions while normally good, in this case would be overconfident (Transiting South Node in trine angle with USA's Mars & Jupiter) and that leads to giving way on position or placement.  Communications could be at fault (Transiting Uranus in square angle with USA's Pluto) and this could be an indication of not receieving good information either because of lack of abilities or intentional deception.  There is again a suggestion of overconfidence and in this case, with nuclear abilities (Transiting Jupiter square angle with USA's Pluto) and this might result in catastrophic events that could level the field.  There might be confrontations with allies that disagree with the plans decided by the USA or maybe even encounters with enemies such as NK (Transiting Jupiter/Uranus in Square with USA's Mercury) and suggestions that communications in the USA could be disrupted.


Looking over the charts of the states, California has interesting angles at about this smae time suggesting that this state might have an event relating to the overall USA event of NK or another event such as an earthquake (refer to my book for chart information about the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake).   


California has a configuration in its chart that is suggestive for earthquakes (Uranus in conjunction-emphasis with Pluto and Jupiter in inconjunct with USA's 's moon and California's  Uranus/Pluto conjunction) and this configuration is being triggered around the September timeframe (Transiting Uranus and Jupiter).  Indications are for an event that would be unexpected and could impact communications and this would occur in the case of an earthquake, bomb or EMP device (Transiting Uranus conjunct California's Uranus/Pluto).  The activity is likely being done in secret or with little knowledge available (Transiting Uranus in square to USA's Pluto).   This could also suggest confrontations and a lack of balance (Transiting Jupiter in opposition to California's Uranus/Pluto). Since California is well-known for its colleges and high-tech it would not be surprising if an event is initiated against that activity or institution (Transiting Uranus in inconjunct with California's Jupiter Transiting Chiron in opposition to California's Jupiter).