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8/25/2017 - North Korea - Part 2

Part 1 focused on Jong and North Korea - Part 2 focuses on the other side of the coin which is the USA.  One coincidence is that California appears to have the same degrees being affected at this particular time so this might tie the state of California into this event.

Whatever is going to happen and if there is going to be anything happening at all - there is a higher probability that it happens before rather than after this date of 10/1/2017  -- the angles seem to be suggesting mid- to-late September.  


The USA chart has an indication of it moving forward to action action that would be occurring before the 10/1/2017 date and if this occurs, would not likely have had the effect that was intended. Suggestions would be that the act was optimistic and the result was less than intended (Transiting Jupiter and South Node in Grand Trine with USA's Mars).  


The manipulations and power plays at work at not in favor of the USA succeeding.  Unforeseen events (Transiting Uranus in square angle with USA's Pluto) produce unexpected results and this can be as a result of overconfidence and over reliance on weapons of mass destruction and the mindset that the USA is the best (Transiting Jupiter in square angle with USA's Pluto).  There is also the potential for the USA to have had some hacking (may have already happened) with the communications backbone of the USA (Transiting Uranus/Jupiter in opposition to USA's Mercury). 

Part 3 to follow ...