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8/9/2017 - North Korea - Part 1

North Korea was placed on my watch list in early spring of this year as many astrological events were occurring late summer/early fall with this country. This not only involved the countries - it also involved the leaders. 

The most volatile angle during early spring was one to Kim Jong that involved a confrontational and this would have been to planets involved with both his actions and nuclear power and his ability to manipulate (Transiting Uranus in opposition to Jong's Mars and Pluto). This angle would likely produce erratic and unexpected actions over a few months.

Moving into the future to about October 1st, 2017 - Kim Jong has another very powerful configuration (Transiting Pluto conjuncting Jong's Sun) which indicates an emphasis on power and in this case that is nuclear power however, there is also a strong emphasis on being able to control and manipulate.

His apparent control of power will be enhanced as confidence in his abilities are emphasized although, this is likely an overstatement of the amount of control that is yielded (Transiting Jupiter conjuncting Jong's Mars & Pluto). 

However, his actions will have consequences and as a result, his people are likely to suffer as well as a direct breaking of his power (Transiting Chiron inconjunct to Jong's Mars & Pluto and in square to Jong's Neptune and Jupiter).

Part 2 - coming soon ...