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2/1/2018 -- Mueller & Trump Part II

The period of February 9th will mark an achievement by Mueller and indications are that it may take the form of concrete steps in the investigation of either the Trump campaign & Russian collusion or the charges of obstruction of justice by Donald J. Trump -- either way, there are indications that there will be a checkmate move initiated by Mueller (transiting North Node conjunction-emphasis on Robert Mueller's Sun) and is likely to be a significant point in Robert Mueller's career.  Although, the move could either be thwarted or pushed aside by the administration, the barrage would still continue. 

This period is also noted by ever-increasing limitations put on the special counsel and this is likely to continue (transiting Saturn in opposition-adversarial to Robert Mueller's Saturn) however, it can also be interpreted as power meeting power.  In other words, pushback from both sides.

This period also notes that there are chains placed upon the legal system which are difficult to break through (Saturn in opposition-adversarial to USA's Jupiter). Last configuration like this on USA is linked to March 16, 1988 which was the period of the Iran-Contra affair with indictment of Oliver North and John Poindexter.


With Donald J. Trump - His luck has run out and his shining star tarnished.  The investigation is cracking open now (February 9th, 2018) however, the dying gasps may not be realized until the beginning of March 2018 (Transiting Jupiter and Pluto in inconjunct-beak and adjust angle forming a YOD to Donald J. Trump's North Node and Sun).