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10/16/2017 - Muller & Trump - Part I

The Mueller investigation is likely to be moving to another stage around the beginning of November 2017. Up to this point, coverage of the investigation has been falling behind as few details are being released and as a result, other stories have churned to the top of news coverage.  This period being entered could be stated as the beginning of the end (Transiting Retrograde Chiron crosses over USA's 4th house) and this is interpreting that the investigation may be expected to conclude sometime in January 2018 (Transiting Direct Chiron crosses over USA's 4th house) although, the complete legal/congressional process is likely to take longer.  There is a suggestion that Mueller may already have much of the data that he needs however, the rest of the necessary facts may need to pursued through alternate means (Transiting Pluto in trine-easy angle with Mueller's Mars/Chiron and in square-stress angle to Trump's Jupiter) and will likely result in an unfavorable result for Trump. 


Mueller likely had more success following the financial trail in the investigation (Transiting Saturn trine Mueller's Venus) and there is more than a chance that there will be damages from this avenue of investigation and cause quick and unexpected actions to fall on Trump and affect either  his finances  or result in restrictions of finances (Transiting Saturn in an inconjunct-break and adjust angle to Trump's Venus/Saturn).


There is a likelihood that data, information, or meetings are either not being made available to Mueller or, that the data does not exist (Transiting Saturn in opposition-adversarial angle to Mueller's North Node) or, it may be that data never existed or was removed (Transiting Uranus in square-stress angle to Mueller's North Node). In addition, there are suggestions that this investigation's fact-finding obligations are being meet with confusion and covering-up however, it is unclear whether intentional or just the circumstances or focus of information gathering are not clear (Transiting Neptune in square-stress angle with Mueller's Uranus). Or. it may simply mean that resistance is offered to the pursuit of transparency.


In summary, the noose is tightening... however, is there a neck in the noose …


Check for Part II in late December 2017/early January 2018.