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7/19/2017 Mitch McConnell Last Gasp

Mitch McConnell

Mid summer of 2017 with it's high YIELD focus would have been a good time to finish up issues and put accomplishments on the table before moving on to tackle other areas. As of 7/18/2017, this period is ending and Mitch McConnell moves into a period of more RISK meaning that accomplishments will be more difficult although, not impossible.  His next period of YIELD is near the end of the year although fall does bring some momentum in the direction of YIELD suggesting that he can come to solutions that while are not what he ultimately wants, is the best that can be accomplished at the time. The real struggle during the next few months might be the lack of options for Mitch McConnell moving forward and for someone that considers himself an expert in getting legislature passed, this can be damaging to his leadership.  This is especially true considering that the GOP has the majority in both houses and the executive branch although, it is worth noting that the GOP has strong fractions in both the moderate and conservative wings that have damaged previous leaderships.  

Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer is likely to be riding above the fray during the middle of this year.  His chart is mostly in YIELD however, lacking momentum and at low levels. This indicates that while he has a presence that can felt in Congress, he will need to pick his battles carefully or engage only in skirmishes while leaving the major battles to another day. This appears to be Chuck Schumer's strategy already.  September 2017 should bring a minor change in power as RISK falls away - there is a potential to be engaged in policy and make significant in-strides as long as compromise is on the table.  This could be taxes or healthcare - as noted in a previous entry, this is likely to be healthcare in October period and this is where YIELD is at it's highest.