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11/17/2018 - Mike Pence and Loyalty

Questions recently about Mike Pence's loyalty to Donald Trump seemed worthwhile to investigate further.  Mike Pence's loyalty has been very obvious and could be described as cloying and overdone.  From the chart perspective, Pence's actions are deceptive (Venus and Mars in square-stress angle to Neptune) and indicate that when triggered could suggest ulterior motives to whatever actions he chooses to pursue.  While this has been triggered at points during the last year or so, there is nothing to indicate that this is directed at Trump although, this will not stop Trump from taking action and there is a suggestion that Trump may overreact to the detriment of Pence. 


Mike Pence also reinforces Trump's views on women and social mores (Mike Pence's Jupiter in trine-easy angle with Donald Trump's Venus and Saturn).  This has been triggered over the last few months and has likely reinforced Trump's attitude of being an authority on many subjects.


One perplexing twist may be that Trump's questioning of Pence's loyalty may lead to a situation where Pence may take action to solidify his position and in turn, becomes a threat to Trump (transiting Uranus in trine-easy angle to Trump's Ascendant and Mike Pence's Pluto).  There is a chance that it could lead to Mike Pence being removed.  The time frame for this would be early in 2019.