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10/16/2017 - Las Vegas Shooter - Part III

The Las Vegas Shooter had a few configurations that were active on the day of the shooting event.  Some of these configurations were of a type noted as being "the finger of god" and this is a simplistic explanation in that the situations that arise as a result of these configurations are usually not ones that the individual contributed to - they happen and the individual was part of it and a target of it.  This can also be described as a break from the known path someone was on and a movement to a totally different direction and usually this occurs as a result of a sudden and unforeseen event.  

While there are a few configurations, there is especially one that deserves the attention (from my perspective).    There is an emphasis on the shooter's brain or the intellect and that being under duress (Transiting Chiron in conjunction-emphasis with Shooter's Mercury) in such a fashion that it is not able to operate in a normal fashion.  Typically, this would be suggestive that there is a different path that the reasoning is taking.  This is not necessarily good or bad, it is simply a circumstance to the event.  To take the next step in interpretation, this could be a signal that the mind is damaged although, able to operate but, not normally.  To further this, it could also be an indicator of the bullet that will destroy the reasoning.

There is also a suggestion that there is a creativity that is tempered by restrictions - so the effect would be little to no creativity and a lack of having visions to aspire to so, little spirituality (shooter's Saturn and Neptune in conjunct-emphasis angle).  This is a configuration that is in the natal chart of the shooter and denotes a trait that is neither good or bad however, it could bring in a coldness or lack of empathy yet at the same time needing to loose control from the tightly restricted actions. At the time of the shooting, this natal configuration was being triggered (transiting Jupiter in conjunction-emphasis with Shooter's Neptune/Saturn) which resulted in bringing this natal configuration to the forefront and as a result, providing an instability which may have been addressed by the individual using drugs to allow a lessoning of control.  As a further step in interpretation, this could signal that a bleed or a stroke was occurring as there is a loss of control where control is important. 

Lastly, there is a distinct possibility that there was either another person or a mass like a tumor in the brain that was responsible for manipulating or controlling this person's actions (Transiting North Node on Shooter's Pluto) at the time of the event.  This configuration is suggestive of not totally in control of actions and while it could be argued that he is the one manipulating the situation, I would agree that is the case if this placement was the apex of the configuration however, it is not - the apex is the intellect which is "damaged" (Yod configuration with Mercury at apex with transiting Chiron conjunct, one leg with Saturn/Neptune with transiting Jupiter conjunct, and other leg with Pluto and North node conjunct).   Therefore, the damaged intellect is being broken down even further by drugs and this damaged & drugged intellect is being manipulated and that was the situation when this shooting event happened. 

There are other configurations that would add even more nuances to this interpretation however, that will wait until more information is provided by the authorities.