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10/8/2017 -- Las Vegas Shooter - Part 2

Part 1 discussed the planetary placements for Stephen Poddack and it should be noted that these placements are static - they do not change over time although, during certain periods, some traits may be closer to the surface while others are tempered down.  This part (Part 2) discusses the configurations that Stephen Poddack has in his chart - meaning the angles that the planets make to each other at the time of his birth.  Note, only the significant configurations will be discussed.  These configurations are also "static" and in this case, meaning that the potential is there however, it must be triggered by an angle made by a currently transiting object in space - Part 3 discusses this.

Stephen Poddack has 5 configurations of note.  There are others however, this discussion will be limited to these five.  One configuration can be described as easy indicating that usually little effort is required to product beneficial results; another two configurations can be described as challenging meaning that a great deal of effort must be applied to produce results and they are not usually all that is expected however, usually this is controlled by the person's own inclinations; and the last two can be described as having little control over sudden events meaning that there may either be others or simply the event that is controlling.  

The easy configuration (Sun/Venus in Trine angle to Pluto) is suggestive of someone that manifest as being authoritative and possible dismissive of others. A forceful ego determined to achieve his goals would be an apt description.  Financial concerns would be important factor in the goals being set.

The difficult configurations (3/4 grand square between Sun/Venus, Chiron, and Neptune/Saturn with Uranus slightly out of Orb to complete Grand Square and square or 3/4 grand square between Pluto, Jupiter, and possibly Moon) show the difficult areas that are under Stephen Poddack's control.  One of these configurations likely had much to do with Stephen Poddack's determination to accrue financial resources and brought his limited needs (Saturn/Neptune), to achieve his goals (Sun/Venus) however, this has likely resulted in deficiencies in his ability to respond to the outside structure (Chiron).  While this would likely explain how he interacted with the world and how these interactions changed over time, it probably had little to do with the shooting event however, until that is analyzed in Part III, it could still be a possibility.

The other challenging configuration would likely be involved in his difficulty in relating to the outside world  and an apparent coldness.  This could act as a bottleneck for the emotions and result in an volcanic release however, the exact time of birth is not known and as a result, the placement of the moon could be off as much as 6 degrees in either direction.  Another part of this configuration implies a disregard for others and an ability to justify whatever their actions are to achieve the end.  This can also imply a disregard for the law.  There are parts of this configuration that could have been involved in the shooting incident - the blatant disregard for others and the thirst for power could have played a part however, this alone may not have been enough to result in the shooting event - this will be analyzed in detail in Part 3 as well as the last two configurations.