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10/7/2017 -- Las Vegas Shooter - Part I

Quick Analysis shows that Stephen Paddock was a person that was headstrong and would act before thinking (Sun in Aries).  In addition, while he would be good at starting things, not usually good at the finishing.  Emotionally, he would be distant and would analyze his emotions (Moon in Aquarius) so, he could set the feelings aside in situation that he was involved in.  In addition, his emotional connections and actions are to a group rather than to the individual.  Neither of these descriptions is good or bad - simply traits.

Stephen Paddock would be intellectually perceptive maybe to the point of being intuitive however, it could also distort the senses/impressions being received (Mercury in Pisces).  There is a tendency to confuse fact and fantasy and there may be a shifting or diffuseness about where the person stands on important issues. There is a perception that most of this man's actions would be towards activities that would be beneficial in making money (Venus in Aries) however, there is also the suggestion that money is spent as quickly as it is made.  Relationships tend to be aggressive and combative but also, passionate and formed impulsively.  

Stephen Paddock would likely be slow to anger - more simmering however, once the anger is released, very hard to calm down (Mars in Taurus).  This can be the type of person where slights can build up and eventually a small transgression is enough to release a volcano.  This is also another added emphasis on making money and there is a determination to accomplish this and usually through practical methods that work.  This person would be very practical and as a result, values/beliefs that are not providing a useful purpose in his life would be extraneous (Jupiter in Taurus).   It would not be amiss to see this person spend money on himself and/or friends to have luxuries/comforts in life. 

Stephen Paddock was of a generation that would find difficulties in learning how to work with others and in getting the cooperation that they need (Saturn in Libra) to achieve their aims.  This generation also has a respect for the fairness of law while understanding it's flaws.  At the same time, justice and the law may be held to a higher standard - one that is not able to be met (Neptune in Libra).  This generation also has a different perspective on the home & family in that home becomes simply a "house" while the family becomes a distant connection.   It is also the generation that saw tyrants crushed under the feet of the trampled.