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7/17/2017 John McCain Blood Clot & Surgery

7/20/2017 Update - two days after this was written (7/19/2017) John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer.

***Please note that the charts are based on specific angles and do not take into consideration all factors.  Unexpected medical events, job losses, bad quarterly earnings, election losses, and financial reversals just to name a few, can all be associated with RISK.  To determine which area is affected requires detailed analysis.  YIELD, on the other hand can be associated with promotions, financial windfalls, strong quarterly earnings, and election wins to name just a few.  John McCain's charts are being shown here to highlight how precarious TrumpCare is and, if it depends on John McCain's vote, it will be weeks - not days. 
The 2017 Risk/Yield chart for John McCain depicts that the momentum is moving to the Risk area around the July period.  This may not be a quick recovery as the valley in Risk (Core Risk) is not reached until the August to September period.  There are additional down peaks in October (Transient Risk) however, they would be considered minor.   If the healthcare bill is delayed for John McCain to be able to vote on it - then that period will likely be longer than expected. 
John McCain's Delta Risk Yield for 2017 indicates a drop into Risk at approximately the mid-July time period. This can correspond with many events however, this incident with his health would not be out of context with the Core drop into Risk.  This chart is more detailed as to the overall trend and it is apparent that this does not appear to be resolve quickly from the perspective of duration.