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Donald Trump at G20 and meeting with Putin

Trump's upcoming trip to the G20 and his meeting with Putin are important events both on the world stage and for the expectations of Americans.  Will Trump tone down his rhetoric about making better deals for the USA and confront Putin about his tampering with the USA election ?  Sadly, it appears that his trip will be saddled with his insecurities and not helped by the confidence of the world leaders. His tossing aside the USA leadership has allowed others to fill the void.  So, how bad can it be ...

Trump will have delusions of grandeur arriving at the summit and it is not likely that other leaders on the world stage will prop up his delusions - chance of prominent setbacks.  His ability to make deals will be severly hampered as trust in his word as President has been destroyed with the "other dramas" that seem to travel with Trump. Trump's mark on the event is highlighted by reality colliding with illusion. Reference - Transiting Jupiter in emphasis angle with Trump's Chiron and Transiting Neptune in break and adjust angle with Trump's Chiron.


Trump can accomplish great things however, his time is fleeting and the moment is passing. Reference - Transiting North Node on Trump's Mars.

Trump is likely to have an unpreditable and emotional response to events which was highlighted with events this week, and will continue into the G20 summit.  Temper tantrums may be the normal as the key to the moment is that it is "all about him".  Reference - Transiting Uranus and Moon in easy angle with Trump's ascendant.


Any control that Trump has shown in the past will not be evident at the G20 meeting.  This will be about his ego and his drive to push everyone to kneel before him soldifying his power.  His actions and words are likely to be harsh. Reference - Transiting Mars in emphasis angle with Trump's Saturn.

The weight of the other world leaders will be a force to be reckoned with and that is likely to be intolerable to Trump.  This is not a setting where Trump will be a "shining star" and for someone that needs the attention, can quickly turn this event into a thorny situation. Reference - Transiting Saturn in adverserial angle with Trump's Sun.