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9/17/2018 -- Brett Kavanaugh & How the Nomination Went Wrong

I originally thought that Thomas Hardiman would get the nomination if it came down to between Brett & Thomas - I was so sure of it that I tweeted before the announcement came out (I have to stop doing that).


The reasons that I surmised that is - Thomas has great configurations for the fall period - we'll talk about that later .. Now, let's focus on Brett


There is one positive in Brett's chart but, it is coming from a configuration that is losing effectiveness as it is drifting away.  This configuration is noted with the green lines. This configuration indicates the backing of powerful supporters (transiting Pluto) as well as his impeccable credentials for the position ( Brett's Pluto) and the immense respect for the law and for the people (Brett's Jupiter) pave the way for an initial overwhelming feeling of sucess.  This suggests that Brett is qualified for the position, has what he considers the best interests of the people/law in mind and, while he is being backed forcefully, there is nothing that suggests that there is underhandedness involved in this situation.  Some things have not been transparent but, does it really reach to the level of obstruction …


There are two negative configurations. The first configuration suggests that that at the best, there is confusion and at the worse, falsehoods (transiting Neptune) as the path that was originally on is no longer passable and ways around obstacles are required (Brett's Chiron).  This suggests that as the passage of the nominee became more difficult and obstructed, ways around the obstacles were found and this creates " a wounded warrior" (red line).  All this suggests that Brett has been irreparably wounded by this controversy and while this does not irrevocably state that he cannot attain the position, it does indicate damage and inability to correct that damage. This is not positive for the situation but, might still be workable.


The next negative configuration is a suggestion that in general, Brett might have some issues with gambling and/or alcohol and maybe not understanding his fallibilities (Brett's Neptune in square-adverse angle with Brett's Sun in red) and therefore, underplay them. This character trait is not necessarily apparent all the time and is evident when triggered. It is being triggered at this time (transiting Jupiter) and could relate to not only the incident itself but an attempt to discredit it or confuse it.  This suggests that this prior incident is being blow into the open and with that, both the incident and the attempt to discredit it are emblematic of character traits in this person that may not suit the Supreme Court.


Lastly, it has to be noted that there is a missing configuration.  Using only Brett's birthdate does limit the potential angles and it could be that there are angles that a missing birth time could provide but, barring that - it is significant that there is no positive configuration that involves the Supreme Court position. This location is indicated by the USA chart and specifically the Sun (purple circle ) and the location in the USA chart where the highest court would reside (the other purple circle).  There is nothing in Brett's chart that creates a favorable configuration which suggests that an action to place him on the court is missing.  


One further note, there is some slight potential for elevation in the justice system as Brett does have configurations within the realm of the Courts (Brett's Pluto and Uranus in the 9th house of the USA chart) however, this may be suggestive of the position that he already holds and therefore, is not changing what I have already stated above.