Lioness Publications LLC

Predictive Probabilities Astrology Research 

Lioness Publications is a full service astrology firm.  The intent is to provide insight with the issues that people are usually faced with throughout their life that cause concern.  These issues can be about relationships, fertility, legal issues, financial problems, divorce, and sickness to name just a few, the list can be much longer.  Astrology cannot solve these problems for you but, it can provide information about the cycle that you find yourself in and how long it might take before the issue can be resolved one way or the other.  It might also provide more detail to allow you to step back and view the situation from a different perspective. 

I am a Contemporary Predictive Astrologer - meaning that my focus with your life is with what is happening now and in the short-term future rather than what you were born with or what happened in the past (seizure work is different as that requires baselines).  The sessions work best when there is a clearly stated question that I can elaborate on.  For example - "Will I become pregnant in the next year?", or "Will my current job provide a better position in the next year?".  Questions like this can easily be answered within the 20 minute session time and the answer can be as clear as the question.

I specialize in three areas: 

  • political or typically called mundane with a focus on elections
  • stock markets with a focus on specific companies
  • health issues such as seizures and most recently, opioid addition and PTSD